Monday, October 21, 2013

Too Long These Winter Moons

©  Steve King
All rights reserved

Too long these winter moons,
dark the heart that waits.

Unquiet souls
will seek their peace,
akin to sleep,

—As if new mornings may await,
          sunlight yet appease.

Though lightning stripes
each transient dream;

though winter’s moon;
does linger on the dawn.

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  1. Winter does have it's pleasant aspects.
    I do not like the cold and have run from the snow.
    I missed the Orionides showing this morning.

  2. This has such a beautiful feel to it even if those winters are too long.

  3. Haunting and desolate, the mood and tone really come through the form and the pace. Time does seem to slow down during the dark days. Great writing.

  4. Winter's moon is infused with its own unique beauty ... lovely poem!

  5. Absolutely beautiful poem.... I love the way it flows.

  6. Feels very peacefully...blessings!

  7. What is especially interesting to me about this poem is how naturalistic it is, even though it describes emotional spaces. I have been so conscious the last few days of how prominent the winter moon - is the mornings--it is so beautiful, but also a bit spooky how it lingers. I don't mean spooky in a halloweeny way, but in the way that you describe - this silvery remnant of the dark when really we crave some actually warmth at this point--you describe it all so well - the wish for some release (that is actually a kind of purposeful energy.) Thanks. k.

    1. I'm sorry - not very coherent. I meant "actual" warmth (not actually). k.

  8. Steve. I view winter as a melancholy, grey time, and the "winter moon" actually gave me a bit of a chill, so this is a very effective poem. The side stanza (great formatting, by the way) offers hope, and there is hope, but the realist is stuck in the now. I so get this. Amy

  9. Most of my life I've lived up North, so I agree - but - I find the South to be entirely different and the days are brighter - and the sliver of moon I see in the mornings seems welcoming to me now.

  10. really moving but gentle piece....the winter moon and darkening of the is this time of year when the shadows overlay many....the new day and sunlight does await us on the other side...

  11. This is very beautiful, Steve. I like the way you have arranged your lines - it gives such a light feel to the reading.

  12. Winter is a time to slow down -- linger in melancholy and be quiet... very beautiful and touching.

  13. Beautiful ode to the winter season ~
    I like you used "dark" & one word "silence" as movements ~

    I am also liking the words format on the page & may experiment with this one soon ~ Short but always a gem to read Steve ~

    Happy Tuesday ~

    Happy Tuesday Steve ~

  14. Very nice! I loved this poem!! The last two lines especially.

  15. There is a brush of melancholy in this yet hope also...lovely write

  16. A beautiful and gentle piece, Steve.

  17. A winter moon has a different glow..especially on crisp nights as clouds hover..makes one pause...

  18. This is one of those rare poems that seems familiar as an old sweater, or a well-loved song the moment you begin to read it. There is almost the feel of a lullaby to it. I am lulled, anyway, into a balance between peace and desire, sleep and dream, that brings its own reward, while the poem plays on and on, looped in the back of my mind. Just exquisite, Steve--a fine fine piece, with a jewel of an ending..