Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dreaming of Something

by Steve King
©  2013  All rights reserved

(Note:  I was honored recently by being invited to present “Address to a Haggis” at a celebration honoring Robert Burns.  In the process of preparing “…Haggis” I flipped through many pages of his verse.  Brother Burns’ poems are among the most musical ever written.  His song and tenor are infectious.  Here’s something of mine specifically in honor of him.)

Dreaming of something, O what could it be…?
Dreaming of candles and music and thee.
Thinking of fences I might look beyond,
someone to favor, so pretty and fond.

Dreaming of no place that I’ve ever been;
dreaming of journeys that never will end;
of visions to grasp all I’ll want to see;
dreaming of someplace that you’d go with me.

Wondering how every dream comes to pass;
trapped in these habits that hold me so fast.
Can I soon undo all I’ve now become,
and follow my dreams so we may be one…?

Dreaming of something, O what could it be…?
What others call joys are trifles to me.
No need for fences for I’d never flee,
nor seek far favors, once you’ve come to me.