Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Your speaking moves more than the air

by Steve King
© 2020 All rights reserved

Your speaking moves more than the air, it seems.
I am, with every murmur, shaken too,
transported always where your will requires,
my wishes, resonant at every turn,
attend the lingering strains of your desire.

Much stronger than the weight of loud command,
your musings will demand obedience.
You know that I am helpless to ignore,
and every instant, as I lie in wait,
my urgent station sighs aloud for more.

Suspended like a mote in dim moonlight,
my substance cedes to rapt imaginings,
and, shedding every motive of my own,
I fall upon the pleasures you might bring,
awash, enfolded, no bright charm deferred,
to search again the truth of all your words.

For Writers' Pantry #3 : Poets and Storytellers United