Wednesday, July 22, 2015


by Steve King
© 2015

and then, you see,
when they came to break your bones
you learned to tell them things

some of it was true I know
but other parts could make no sense at all

I wondered if they knew the difference
wondered at the sounds I made
a chorus of dark music
echoing a distant tongue

much felt like a dream
the darkness
and the sudden light
the inversions
the cold
the darkness
and the hearthless heat
day and night at once
no element of sky or earth
or grace of wakening beyond
the mind left strangely free in flights
to ease hardening bonds

just as if a dream
where only strangers meet

do no harm I thought
but could not think
I did not think

save for one small thing

there comes that moment when one hopes
that he has finally known it all
will never stir to see another face

and yet 
he chooses still to name it hope