Thursday, December 13, 2018

I'd hoped that it might seem as one

by Steve King
©2018  All rights reserved

I’d hoped that it might seem as one,
that each new treasure of intent
would gather inward every charm,
alone to each new moment then,
without beginnings, without end.

The issue of unsettling dreams
would scuttle back beneath the lees,
the tolling of uncertainty
displaced by melodies begun.
Desires one never knew to spend
might seize such moments to contend.

Yet every doubt shall resurrect
to seed new dreams and break amends,
undoing all prospective notes,
to quell new dawns with clouded suns.
And all invention soon erased
by tides of tears that need not wait
for virgin moons to call them out,
far wishes glinting there, dark stars.

            The resting place of all appeal
            is quiet soon and battened fast,
each unrecounted mood abates
to where silence must congregate,
the words gone still to mend a peace,
and linger always out of reach.

And all that was important then
seems sunk to nothingness

A new poem for the D'Verse Open Link Night