Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Speaking in Ninths

by Steve King           
© 2011
All rights reserved

Voices never did quite mesh.
Whether one uplifted,
one drew the other down
toward an awkward median—
how is one to say?

A ritual chant perhaps,
some might have taken for a song.

Or just two lines
of strange accompaniment,
converging accidentals,
without that binding melody.

The strains remain at hand,
resonant within a realm
where echoes are relentless
and background chords
still drift beneath old moods.
in dark solo refrain…

Not disharmony, no:

Both moon and sun
might share a changing sky.
One must surely slip.


  1. nice...i like the texture of music to this but it feels about so much more than just that...esp considering that last stanza as you bring the heavens into it...very well penned...

  2. Exquisitely extended and elaborated upon metaphor here-- bravo. xxxj

  3. hey Steve

    the ending has some real poetic whip and caught my eye fast...laced in with some well crafted metaphor and smart stanzas that are a pleasure to read...well measured work.

    all the best

  4. So. Beautiful.

    Everything can be and is music.

    I like the "strange accompaniment" image. Reminds me of some of my favorite parts of songs.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. The music sure does play today at your bay, letting the moon and sun sway, was also a nicely added display.

  6. You gifted, gifted man! This is a gem of a write! Musical and mysterious, like I have seen but a corner of the veil lifted, and now must know more. To bring the sun and the moon together takes great power...hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and may we see more of this in 2012!

  7. A cacophony of harmony here for me. A little like listening to Glass for the first time. Like that daring bit about the moon and sun sharing the sky ...and one slips...Interesting write, Steve. :)) Good wishes for the New Year!

  8. the harmony of disharmony, all the individual threads of life weaving together. perhaps "weaving" is the wrong word, still the effect is the same. the last stanza added a new texture, a visual compliment. enjoyed this very much

  9. The title nails the strange, nearly-though-not-quite-harmony of what is being reached for here, a music whose relation is almost to strange to name but is present nonetheless. Ninths indeed. -B

  10. Lovely write Steve. I like how you always capture the elusive and ethereal thoughts - in this instance, musical strains or chants ~

    Wishing you Cheers for the new year ~

  11. oh i hope none of them slips...great metaphor here...the play on music..harmonic - disharmonic...much enjoyed steve..

  12. A subtle and mesmerizing tone to this one, a restrained sadness, a yearning for more in the middle of realistic resignation(ah, those last lines...)and the musical metaphor is flawless...haunting, even, like a tune in the subconscious that replays whether you listen or not, till it makes you listen. Fine writing here, my friend.

  13. Although playing music is in my past, metaphors drawn from it always delight me. This has a mystical play to it, Steve, like plainsong. Life is at times dissonant but wonderful.

  14. Wow. Exquisite in its melancholy. Really beautiful write.

  15. very enjoyable read - it had a great texture and tone - the images and thoughts were so well constructed! nicely done and great to see it at dVerse

  16. Steve, thanks for stopping by my blog, and sorry to catch up with you so much later.

    This is gorgeous writing. I'm a musician and singer as well, so I very much connected with those references. Finally, the sun and moon sharing the same sky... the slipping... fantastic writing. I'm taking a break soon for a move, but have one for you if you like. Peace, Amy

  17. Great title and poem, Steve. I especially like the 4th stanza.

  18. just thought i'd swing by and say hello... hope you had a good start into the new year..