Tuesday, May 1, 2012


© Steve King
All rights reserved

You rose like a fawn this morning,
wild eyed, yielding.

Perhaps you fear my aftermath:
Am I safe?
Am I content
with mild indecencies?
Had I keen edges
your soft senses
mistook from the first?

What vessel am I in daylight
that cannot hold your evening dreams?

You are kind to linger,
so busy in another room.
But have you morning bitters brewing even now
to curdle this confection?


  1. i dont know that i have ever read the morning after in such an eloquent least she is still stirring about you know...perhaps there is hope yet...smiles.

  2. I like this Steve! A fine write!

  3. i love all the questions in this... it makes me want to stay and find out the answers...

  4. Questions that provokes me and make me think. Thanks or sharing.


  5. This is piercingly sad for me--you nail that feeling of alienation and loss that comes with the bafflement of getting close without getting close enough. This is shorter than your usual fare, but just as lyric, nuanced and evenly developed.

    "..What vessel am I in daylight
    that cannot hold your evening dreams?"

    That seems like a question I've had to ask myself many times even though I've never read it before.

  6. The aftermath is intriguing. I specially like this verse:

    What vessel am I in daylight
    that cannot hold your evening dreams?

    Lovey share Steve ~

  7. Hmph not first
    With my burst
    Guess I am slow today
    At your bay
    But yes such questions do arise
    Although some are to unwise
    To see they are there
    At their lair.

  8. I felt a real sadness through your words, especially the end. Well done.

  9. Oh, how well I know that feeling...I think we all do...that uncertainty, that worry...strange how we cling to one another in passion...and then fearing perhaps the intensity, the vulnerability, we become strangers again...striving for, hoping, wanting that intimacy. Liked this alot, and elegantly executed. :))

  10. Resonant and full of feeling it reaches into me so that i was there

  11. Your words have that lilting tenderness that make many hearts melt with affection. Though this seems to be an aftermath of perhaps an argument, the tenderness that underlies the mood betokens a loving response, all carried by words and music that do not shy away from frailty and forgiveness.