Sunday, May 18, 2014


© Steve King
All rights reserved

Gazing out on fast converging lines
whose genesis pulls faintly, far behind,
the mind does concentrate, as the sage said,
though what it notes shall soon be as unread.

The dreams still linger where old wishes lead,
while new desires displace comforting needs;
each blackened ember dims the soul’s delight,
to conjure forth a darker appetite.

But age may not be mended nor foretold,
and as I  watch these closing scenes unfold,
I hope that I may, at least privately,
relinquish some few public vanities,
abandoning rich things that never were,
and cleave to small ones, as they shall occur.

A new poem for the Poetry Pantry


  1. those lines are moving constantly and the older i get the more i cherish the small things that promise little honor but are much more precious than the popular and big things

  2. nice job on the form steve...ha, it is not the biggest riches that will make us happy, but those small things indeed....learn that and we will live a much happier life...

  3. Steve, this poem has an important message. It is the small things of life that will be important in the end. I think that when a person is young they find it important to gather things, but as time goes on they often discover it is not the things at all that bring joy...but the richness of daily life.

  4. I love the wisdom of the last stanza ~ I admire the cadence and rhyming of verses Steve ~ Hope its a lovely spring weather at your part of the world ~

  5. this has a nice flow to it.

    "abandoning rich things that never were," there is a hard truth hidden in this line. I say hidden because most choose not to see it.

  6. Wow--what a cool poem, Steve. Really wonderful; it all reads so effortlessly that it is easy to skip over how precisely throught through it is--from the converging lines to the genesis pulling to the quick forgetting of all lessons contemplated if not learned-- many wonderful lines here--the new desires--the comforting needs--being a favorite, and, of course, the close. Thanks. Is it a sonnet--? I am afraid--on my mobile device--that I will lose the comment if I check--But will, thanks. k.

  7. Power sonnet, it pulls from beginning to end, begging for some to heed the call that the small joys of life trump all!

  8. As time passes I think we savor the smaller moments
    in life. I really enjoyed this sonnet so much said in each
    line. Simply wonderful writing.

  9. "each blackened ember dims the soul’s delight,
    to conjure forth a darker appetite."...the earlier we realize this truth the better....the lines are profound...

  10. Well I know . . . this feeling. I've almost given up any future for romance and treasure now simple hugs from a small child. . . .

  11. Yes, the best thing to wish for... may we all be able to do just that.

  12. true and wise....the small things are really the big things...may we all recognize that...good job, Steve! ~jackie~