Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sonnet Three

©  2016 Steve King
All rights reserved

I struggle to see through the world each day.
It’s only afterward, when shadows sing,
that time comes into view a certain way,
to hold my eye and all imagining.

The past becomes more real with every turn,
and firms its hold in steady increments;
each faint remembrance there begins to burn,
while present fancies readily relent.

The ancient and obscure alike compete
with every sense that measures what is new.
The current moment bides its own repeat,
to fortify that undiminished queue,
and every instant I had thought complete
now finds a way to reinvent the true.



  1. Moments have a habit of instigating echos - often at the most unexpected times. And the echo becomes a moment in itself. Interesting thoughts.

  2. Such a thought provoking write.. especially love "The past becomes more real with every turn, and firms its hold in steady increments." Beautifully expressed.

  3. the past becomes more real with each turn, the past likes to sneak up on us at time but, we have the power to turn the page and write a new story. A time of re-invention finding the true self can take a bit of re-write. Better to live in the "now"

  4. Indeed the past becomes real & as time goes on it does seem like some of the moments repeat. But it is always good to live NOW & not caught up in what had once been. Always enjoy your reflective poems, Steve.

  5. I love those twilight moments when time opens, shuffles and reveals--imagine!--its true nature. Thank you for capturing it so beautifully and without fear.

  6. Lovely and a wonderful close as we invite these present moments into our lives.

  7. Such a beautiful sonnet, Steve. I especially like the lines about shadows falling, enabling us to see things in "a certain way". Makes me think of the colour of the light at that time of day, when sun is switching over to twilight.

  8. I really love a well executed sonnet... and one that rings of truth rather than of young sweet love... How we really need the light of time to shine upon the present to make it possible to grasp...

  9. A wonderful classic sonnet, both in the accomplished use of the form and the sentiments you ponder.

  10. The first stanza blew me away. Lovely and insightful and yet, so perfectly rendered. It really resonated with me. Well ... the whole piece did, actually. An awesome sonnet! You are a wonderful poet!

  11. This builds so gently to a soaring finish that one almost misses the lift of air under its wings--a beautiful, lyric and intensely thinking sort of sonnet--not to some ideal, but to life itself. Fine work, Steve--and I love your new header pic.

  12. "and every instant I had thought complete
    now finds a way to reinvent the true."

    How true, especially as we get older. This is lovely, Steve. Apparently I have been sorely lacking with stopping in to visit and read, and it is my loss, indeed. How wonderful to read your words again!