Sunday, September 11, 2016


©  2016 Steve King
All rights reserved

look you
you are a boundary
no claim now
no hold upon the lands

sweet waters not for you
clouds distant
trace no shape
upon any long path

your breath shall be as dust
groans riddling the earth
unbroken by the many winds
a curse to those beyond

desires consumed in moon light
thoughts betrayed anew
bound in your candle’s glow
and there the living sacrifice
a dwelling holocaust

 A new poem for the Poetry Pantry


  1. Well observed & strongly stated, Steve. I am wondering if that is a photo that you have taken.

  2. that image of the living holocaust ...well written

  3. i like the telling images in the last stanza...

  4. So much sadness in this tale.. it reads like a dark prayer almost... and that shocking holocaust metaphor tin the end.

  5. You have touched the core of darkness and I wonder about the manifestation of words and images. Sad and filled with sense of lost hope.

  6. A haunting poem - I agree that the last verse particularly is sobering and apocalyptic

  7. a definite sense of foreboding and mystery. well crafted.

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  9. Such a darkness to this poem. I wonder then, your inspiration? But even without explanation you have truly captured a mood of emptiness, desolation and foreboding.