Friday, October 27, 2017

To See

©  Steve King  2017
All rights reserved

To see.
Such distractive sense.
The eye goes everywhere
there is a movement,
or that unsought touch,
or faint reflective answers
in another’s distant voice.

Always something here
to hold a moment and mind.

Yet still impossible to spy
the one who masquerades as me
in all that waiting world
where these fool scenes unwind.


  1. This has a very stream-of-consciousness feel to me, if you'll allow me to read that into it. Spontaneous and yet, like all you write, full of layers and a thoughtfulness that seem to be a part of your matrix. This examination of what it is to see and not see enough, to always be hearing a voice, sensing a presence beyond that physical limit, is literally a definition of the concept of haunting to me. Thanks so much for playing this week, Steve, especially with work of this caliber. (I moved your link and comment to today's prompt so everyone would see it. Thanks for your thoughts on my angel poem. I have angels in this week's also--not typical for me, I assure you. ;))

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful commentary, Joy. As usual, your discussion seems more interesting than the work in question!

  2. To see beyond the normal scope of self is to reach a higher level of consciousness. It is to see past what is presented in this realm of life. There are various seasonal changes and some scenes change as if a magical wand created an illusion of some sorts.