Thursday, April 19, 2018

We tarried that first night

©2018 Steve King
All rights reserved

We tarried that first night upon the sands
and glimpsed of glinting waters that upheld
the sky and the unnumbered stars.
Stars so many I was blind to all.

Strange things I tried to say,
then silence so that none might come amiss.
There surely would be time for words
when dreams had come to pass,
just not quite then.

Never time for dreams;
nor for uncanny orisons,
which none inclined to hear.
And never time to understand
those spirits once so near to us,
that sang from everywhere.

Confusions reigned aplenty,
seeming without cause or cure
to ease my wonder at the way
we found our way from star-lit shores
and got ourselves to here.


  1. There is a time for words, and time for silence ~ Love specially your opening lines which puts me in a reflective mood ~

  2. The opening verse is full of wonder and promise. Somewhere in the journey dreams were lost, perhaps silence is needed for understanding.

  3. I really love this, as if the silence speaks for itself. I feel a closeness to nature in this, and a closeness to someone special who don't need words ... just presence

  4. This evoked a sense of loss for me.....perhaps moments lost in silence.

  5. Nice lines: "There surely would be time for words
    when dreams had come to pass,"

  6. Sometimes it's necessary to be silent so dreams can come to pass. Star lit shores are so good for dreaming!

  7. Life often gets in the way of the dreams of youth, and time slips imperceptibly, until we turn one day to realize the path that got us here is not the one we dreamed of. Not necessarily good nor bad, but perhaps just a bit sad.