Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sonnet Six

© 2017 Steve King
All rights reserved

I don’t know what there is to write of love,
though others fill such pages quite with ease.
I can’t distill all meanings as I please,
describe sensations which are true enough
to colonize all realms of thought.  I pause
at each astonishment that visits me,
and every unsought thrill that comes to be,
and never work to wonder of their cause.

All sly analogies escape my care,
and each coquettish fancy that occurs
belies the feeling that ought only stir
in truest commerce with the heart’s affairs.

            In grand comparisons I will not delve,
            for love should seem like nothing save itself.


  1. Shakespearean in ambition and execution, Steve -- I think you nailed it. And true to the theme, love exhausts all attempts to speak adequately of it. It is its own and only metaphor. Adroitly done.

  2. I'm glad that your writer's block gave you this amazing piece. I loved it!

  3. This is beautiful, love is difficult to understand as love is love. We cannot define it as it defines us.

  4. Those closing lines say it all, and so beautifully. Lovely to see you in the Pantry this morning, Steve.

  5. Yes you are so right, we can write a thousand words or none, yet love escapes all possibilities for explanations... Great to see you, it's been a while.

  6. Those closing lines are so beautifully poignant!!

  7. Ah, who can describe love in its many facets. Your final line says it alL!

  8. It is a difficult task for all to capture the impossible meaning of love.

  9. The closing says it all! Love is love and nothing else...

  10. Love definitely is a hard concept to pin down! I guess, as the last two lines express, love is just love. Smiles.

  11. I rarely write about romantic seems it is a feeling that defies description.

  12. That ending is positively Shakespearian!

  13. Love is not just itself but everything, it is all encompassing and is far more than words, looks and touch...for you have created your own world to orbit for just you two alone.

  14. I'm thinking that you've spent a lot of time with John Donne over the years. I find this more austere than Shakespeare, though it has a flavor of his times, which were surely almost as tumultuous as our own. Your lines ring with both intellect and feeling, and the end result is a love poem that thinks. Beautifully done, Steve.

  15. let love be love. i think that's like being comfortable enough in a room with another without saying anything at all

  16. Love your thoughts and words.
    I have always been in love with love, such a beautiful and powerful emotion.
    Anna :o]

  17. Oh... My.... Goodness....!
    Best thang I've read all day,
    commenting can't pretend
    To show the nurtured
    Beauty of your lines,
    Best just to read again and smile,
    And know I've fallen short of nothing,
    Quite good enough to say. 💜💜 it!