Friday, January 31, 2020


by Steve King
© 2020 All rights reserved

I have a favored window.
It draws the light
in tones I wish to see.

It gathers birdsong
from the depths of dawn,
and spills my dreams
upon the evening lawn.

There may be other windows
I might use.

Even rooms without a view.

But here I’ll stay to celebrate,
and ever more to muse.

 A new poem for the 55


  1. I always hear classical echoes in your work, Steve. The voices of the gifted poets who have gone before us live on in our heads, and sometimes they lend us a hand. I especially like the opening, the sonorous echo of birdsong in the background, and the possibilities, even in 'rooms without a view.' Thanks so much for joining in; I couldn't ask for a better 55.

  2. Steve, this is so beautiful....the light, the birdsong, the dreams on the evening lawn.......Just gorgeous.

  3. Yes, so beautiful...I want to sit by that window

  4. I can relate so wholeheartedly to this poem.. this is well-written in neo-classical style.

  5. Every poet should have such a window. I love the form, the rhyme, and the content. All of it, I guess.

  6. I love this! Dreams spilled on the lawn, sigh